5 Times People With Superpowers Have Been Caught on Video

From teleportations caught on camera to people caught on video running at superhuman speeds, this video takes a look at five times in which people with superpowers have been caught on video. Could any of the clips seen in this video be real?

This video was uploaded by the YouTube channel ApexTV, which specializes in paranormal and mysterious content.

Many people think the video below depicts real instances of superpowers being caught on tape. What do you think?

Alien Spotted in Farmer's Cornfield

Are aliens visiting Earth? This is a question that has left people wondering about the possibility of extraterrestrial life for centuries. It is only recently, however, that the invention of the camera has allowed people to document their sighting s of strange and mysterious events on video. The video below depicts a supposed alien caught on tape in a farmer's cornfield. In the video, the farmer sounds highly disturbed, which is understandable considering there is an alleged real life alien standing mere feet away from him. Do you think this video is genuine and depicts a real alien caught on camera by a farmer?

Top 5 Most Mysterious Places on Earth

There are many wonderful places on this planet that have attracted people to them in great numbers. However, when it comes to finding some unusual and strange places there are a handful of places that really stand out. These mysterious places have seen people disappear. Others display random lights while still others are home to some truly gigantic statues. Read on to find out ore about some strange and mysterious places. Here is a brief look at the top 5 most mysterious and strange places on earth.

Easter Island
Easter Island is one of the most mysterious places on Earth. This island lies close to the Chilean coast and though it is not infamous for disappearing people or even for any black magic, it is however home to some very huge statues that rise some fifty feet up into the air. What makes Easter Island so mysterious is that nobody knows for sure just who carved these statues and how they came to this island. There are a couple of hundred natives that live on Easter Island and though they may know the answer they won’t be able to communicate it to you.

Santa Cruz’s mysterious spot
Santa Cruz is well known for its numerous optical illusions but it also has a very mysterious spot in the form of a cabin that is truly very odd. What makes this cabin so odd is that as soon as you enter this cabin it will tip over in different directions. Even though it stands on flat and level surface nobody is able to explain why it tips over in different directions. In this mystery spot it becomes impossible to stand upright.

The Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle is not only a very large area but it has never ever been photographed. It starts at the coast of Florida and covers a very large area. What makes this a mysterious place is the fact that numerous ships and planes have disappeared here over the last few hundred years. Some people attribute these disappearances to natural disasters while others think that the disappearances were because of some deep-rooted conspiracy. Nobody has a definitive answer as to why people and things disappear in the Bermuda Triangle.

Atlantis is so mysterious that all that we know of it is through what we see of it on a map. This map is from the time when continents were moving about in a bid to find a final resting place. It seems that Atlantis lies somewhere between America and Africa. Nothing is known about whether Atlantis was consumed by the waves or was combusted or even became part of another continent. The search for this mysterious place continues.

Blood Falls
Blood Falls is located in the Antarctica. What makes it so mysterious is the fact that you won’t be able to visit it in person. It can however be viewed through photographs which show blood red colored waterfall dotting the white colored Taylor Glacier. Nobody knows, including glaciologists and microbiologists, why this waterfall is blood red in color. Another thing that makes this very mysterious place is the fact that 1300 feet beneath all that ice live some microorganisms that are sustained by sulfur and iron in the water. According to expert glaciologists and microbiologists, the waterfall is red because the water itself contains a lot of iron, and it is this iron that turns the water red.

10 of The Strangest Creatures Ever Caught on Camera

With most people living within developed countries possessing a smartphone capable of taking high quality videos and images, it is no wonder than many mysterious creatures are caught on camera every day. While undiscovered species still do exist, it is rare for them to be documented on video by an average person. Some people go as far as saying that extraterrestrials from other planets are visiting Earth. Could stories of such alien visitation be true?

This video takes a look at 10 of the strangest creatures ever caught on camera. From aliens caught on tape to bizarre creatures that are currently unknown by modern science, you won't believe what strange creatures have been documented on video.

China To Conduct Another Lunar Mission

It is conventionally thought by many that the United States is the only country to conduct lunar missions. While this is the case in terms of sending people to the moon, other countries have sent unmanned probes to the moon to take pictures and collect samples.

Back in 2013, the Chinese government launched the Chang'e 3 Lander. It touched down on a place known as the Mare Imbrium. This has been a place of scientific interest, because it is thought that water may have once existed in these region of the moon.

While this mission has greatly expanded scientific knowledge when it comes to the moon's geology and history, there is still much to learned. The Chinese are planning to send another probe to the moon this year, in 2017. That is not to say that the current unmanned lunar robot is not functional, it is, but new instruments and modern gear must be sent up to gain a fuller understanding.

5 Mythical Creatures That Might Actually Exist

There are so many things and creatures on the surface of our planet earth itself that we are yet to know about. Just because we do not see something does not mean it does not exist. Various stories have come around some of these mythical creatures. Something like the following five creatures, which might or might not exist, but we cannot definitely say for sure just now. 

1 - Yeti: High up from the majestic Himalayan mountains, we hear stories about a mysterious creature who is larger than even the tallest of human beings, appears furry and snowy white, has an ape like appearance, and walks on two feet. This creature is commonly identified as the Abominable Snowman or the Yeti. As per the mountaineers from around the world and the local legends, Yeti has been routinely spotted in the snow-covered mountain tops in the Himalayan regions. Even though most of the scientists do not acknowledge its existence and consider Yeti to be a stuff of legends, various evidences such as the footsteps on the snow seem to suggest otherwise.

2 - Chupacabra: The “goat sucker” or the Chupacabra is another mysterious creature has been rumoured to have been spotted for the first time in Puerto Rico in the middle of the 90s. This creature who appears like a dog is thought to be between 3 to 5 feet tall. It has also been said to have a row of spikes going down on its back and it possess like those of an alien. It has vampire-like characteristics, as it supposedly sucks out the blood from its preys, which are mostly the small animals like the sheeps, goats, etc. It is rumoured to be either a product of a cross genetic experiment or an alien. Several claimed sightings have been reported since it was first said to have been seen.

 3 - Montauk Monster: The Montauk Monster is one of the strangest creatures that was spotted when it had washed up on a beach front on the western coast of USA in Montauk in July 2008. A photo of the 4-legged, nearly hairless, clawed animal generated a lot of interest and attention from people all over the world as it was spreading through the internet. Though most people considered it to be a hoax, there were those who thought it might be an unknown or even perhaps a genetically modified animal. The body of the creature, which came to be known as the Montauk Monster, mysteriously disappeared.

4 - Loch Ness Monster: Also called as Nessie, the monster of the Scottish lake of Loch Ness has been in the news ever since the year 1933, which was when it was first claimed to have been seen. Though there has been no conclusive evidence ever presented, people still believe in its existence and rumoured to have reported multiple sightings. It belongs to the group of mythical creatures whose stories never seem to end but are not conclusively proven either.

5 - Ogopogo: According to various accounts, Ogopogo looks very much like the Pokemon character, Pokemon Gyarados. Ogopogo is said to be the native of the Okanagan Lake in the Canada’s British Columbia region. Ogopogo was claimed to have been first sighted in the 19th century.

T. Rex Bit With More Force Than Previously Thought

While it was known that the jaws of tyrannosaurus were ridiculously strong, scientists have recently gained more insight into just how strong the jaws of this ancient dinosaur were.

A newly published study suggests that the T. Rex was capable of exerting nearly 8,000 pounds of force. It is thought that some parts of their teeth delivered up to 431,000 pounds of pressure per square inch.

Because of the immense amount of force and pressure delivered by the T. Rex, it is thought that the giant creature was able to bite straight through the bones of its prey. After pulverizing the bones of its prey, the Tyrannosaurus Rex then continued to not only digest the flesh, but also the bone itself. This would, in turn, allow the T. Rex to get the most nutrition out of a carcass.

If these findings are correct, then the T. Rex could bite more than twice as much as a crocodile in terms of bit force.

Source: Yahoo!

Loch Ness Monster Recently Spotted

The supposed Loch Ness Monster has recently been spotted within Loch Ness in Scotland. This sighting is one of many recent sightings, causing people to wonder what is causing this spike of sightings of the famous aquatic monster. Some people think that the Loch Ness Monster is really a plesiosaur that never went extinct. They propose that there are multiple plesiosaurs swimming within Loch Ness.

This video which was taken by tourists visiting Loch Ness, shows a mysterious object surfacing in the water. Many theories have arisen attempting to explain what the strange object was. Some come to the conclusion that this really was a genuine sighting of the Loch Ness Monster while others remain skeptical. Maybe it is simply a log floating in the water. What makes the video somewhat suspicious is the fact that a boat comes fairly close to the object and yet it stays afloat. You would think, if the mysterious object really was a living creature like the Loch Ness Monster, that upon seeing the boat it was immediately submerge. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Is This a Real Alien Caught on Tape at a Park?

The video below was taken by a man at a park. The exact location of this park remains unknown, as well as the man who took the footage. The video has sparked debate online about the validity of the said video. Many think the video is genuine, and that it shows a real alien caught on tape, while others aren't as enthusiastic to believe it really shows an alien caught on camera. In the end, the validity of this alien sighting that was documented on video is up for you to decide. Real alien, or hoax? What do you think?

4 Unexplained Jungle Mysteries

Even today, with satellite technology and GPS mapping, the world’s jungles remain mysterious and dangerous places, as the following true stories will testify.

Disappearance of Michael Rockerfeller
In 1961 at the age of 23 Michael Rockerfeller embarked on an expedition to study the Asmat tribe of New Guinea. On November 17th the canoe he was travelling in with Dutch anthropologist Rene Wassing capsized in the middle of the river, three miles from shore. Believing he could swim to safety and get help, he left Wassing clutching the capsized boat, and was never seen again. Despite and lengthy and intensive search his body was never found. Speculation was rife: did he drown? Get eaten by wild animals? Did he make it to shore only to be killed and eaten by the cannibalistic Asmat tribe? Despite exhaustive investigations, to this day the Rockerfeller family have found nothing to conclusively prove their son’s fate.

Stone Balls of Costa Rica
Discovered in the 1930’s during jungle clearing in the Diquis Delta, the stone spheres of Costa Rica have so far defied analysis. Over 300 of them in various sizes were discovered, some just a few centimetres in diameter, some measuring over two meters and weighing over 16 tons. They are certainly not natural in origin, being almost perfectly spherical, but how or why they got to where they were remains an unsolved mystery. Some were found in straight or curved lines, triangles or parallelograms, suggesting alignment with the earth’s magnetic forces. Some suggested that there is gold hidden within them, but although several of them have been destroyed no gold has been found.

The Boiling River of Peru
Deep in the heart of Amazonian Peru is the world’s largest thermal river. Four miles long, up to 80 feet wide and 16 feet deep, It runs at temperatures over 200°F – hot enough to kill you should you fall in. Thermal rivers are not unknown in nature, but the mystery of why this river is so hot remains. Scientists have yet to find the source of the heat; there are no geothermal systems to feed it, and the sheer volume of water defies explanation. The current working hypothesis is that hot geothermal water is pouring in from fault zones or cracks in the earth, heating the river up,  but its true origins are as yet unknown.

Lost Dutch Girls of Panama
On April 1st 2014, two young Dutch tourists, Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon, disappeared while hiking the Pianista Trail near Boquete, Panama. For months there was no sign of them but Lisanne’s backpack was found. In it were a camera and both girls’ phones. It soon became apparent that both phones had been used many times to make emergency calls over several days. On the camera there were over 90 shots taken in darkness and deep in the jungle over a week after they first went missing. A renewed search eventually found both girls’ remains scattered along a river bank but the precise details of what happened to Kris and Lisanne will probably never be known.

Top 5 Crazy Conspiracy Theories

For as long as the human race has been able to tell stories and share news, there have been conspiracy theories. Some of them are plain crazy; some have an eerie ring of truth. There’s even the conspiracy theory that some people conspire to generate conspiracy theories that are almost credible and then create theories that any conspiracy theory is just a fictional delusion.

If you’re still following us after all that, we’ve listed below five of the (hundreds of) more wacky conspiracy theories for your reading pleasure. We’ll just wait here while you grab your tinfoil hat…

The Lizard People Rule the World
First touted by professional conspiracy theorist David Icke, this purports that all world leaders from the British Royal family to every US President to all third world dictators and beyond are actually shape-shifting, blood-drinking reptiles wearing human body suits, sent here from outer space to enslave the human race. Your Bloody Mary Mr President, O-Positive as requested.

Denver Airport: Secret meeting place for the Illuminati or a cover for an underground New World Order network?
Opened in 1995 Denver Airport was 16 months behind schedule and $2 billion over budget. Some people speculate that the delays and overspend were due to the secret installation of miles of underground tunnels to house the New World Order. Others point to the super-creepy murals that adorn some of the walls, claiming the inclusion of Illuminati codes and satanic symbols. But really, would they make it that obvious?

Chemtrails: Government sponsored mind control
It’s a gorgeous sunny day, and you look up into a brilliant blue sky to admire the seemingly random pattern of “contrails” from passing overhead airplanes. Just condensation from the aircraft, right? But why do some airplanes leave trails and others nothing? For some, these are actually chemtrails:  chemical or biological agents sprayed at high altitude for various reasons including human population control, psychological manipulation, and military weapons testing. Don’t forget to breathe in next time you get on a plane.

The earth is indeed, flat
The same people who believe this theory also believe that the moon landings were fake and that NASA uses its money for world domination. They also say there’s a reason why no-one allowed to colonize Antartica: it might give away the fact that the edge of the planet is visible from there. And we thought this kind of thinking was confined to the Middle Ages.

The RMS Titanic never sank
It was actually her sister ship the Olympic that was substituted for the Titanic. The theory goes that Captain Smith took the Olympic out on its maiden voyage but wrecked it. So the White Star Line increased their insurance policy, swapped the two ships over and sent it out knowing it was going to sink. So a big ship did sink but the change of name could give James Cameron a bit of a headache.

So, plausible or plain whakadoodle? We’ll let you decide.

Top 5 Unexplained Mysteries

The world is a wild and curious place. Although science is a powerful thing there are many things that it is unable to explain, here we are going to look into some of these mysteries and why they are unexplained.

1 - Out of body experiences 
The most common form of an out of body experience is the lucid dream. There is no doubt that one of the most mysterious states of consciousness that the human can be a part of is a dream. A lucid dream is basically a state of consciousness that allows you to be a part of the world that is in between the real world and your dream world. More times than not this can result in sleep paralysis, where you find yourself in your bedroom hovering over your sleeping physical being watching yourself sleep. Although there are many scientists and theorists trying to come up for the reason as to why we have these out of body experiences like lucid dreaming. All reasons so far are only that of theory.

2 - Deja Vu
From the French word meaning ‘Already seen’, Deja Vu is the moment when you realise that you have been in that exact situation before. Same area, same people and you were doing the exact same thing. In fact in some instances you are able to tell what is going to happen next. It is another topic of conversation that no one can definitively say they know why it happens but there are a number of theories as to why:
  • In a parallel universe the event has in fact happened already
  • Past life memories
  • Clairvoyance 
  • Some sort of mystical way for the universe telling you that you are on the correct path

3 - UFOs
It is impossible to speak about unexplained events without talking about UFOs. First been sighted in 1878 Texas, USA they have since been a question on some peoples mind. With others making it their life’s work to find proof that aliens and UFOs do exist. Unfortunately (to our knowledge) there has been no evidence to prove that UFOs and aliens exist and the pictures said to prove this the UFOs turned out to be dust or planes in the background.

4 - Pyramids 
Considering these incredible buildings were built before the wheel existed, it begs the question how on earth did the ancient Egyptians build them? Maybe there is not an earthly reason to it, maybe there is, but there is no doubt that we are still not sure of the technology that was used to build them. Not only that they seem to produce some sort of electrical current that we also do not know how.

5 - The Placebo Effect
We know that the mind and body are two amazing things, but put together they seem to be able to do things that science just cannot explain. The placebo effect is the act of tricking the mind not thinking one thing is happening when it is the complete opposite. Where a patient is given saline solution rather than medication. This is sometimes used to relieve medical symptoms that previously were causing a lot of trouble, but yet we still do not know why this works!