Mermaid Pulled Out of Lake in Minnesota

Imagine if you were at a park and all of a sudden officials came in and told everyone to leave. That is what supposedly happened to a man named Macky. He is originally from Australia, but was reportedly visiting relatives in Minnesota, USA, and they decided to spend the day at a park. While at the park, Macky says that "Big vehicles started coming in" and they told everyone to evacuate the park. It was unknown to everyone why they were being forced to leave.

Macky supposedly stayed behind and hit behind some boats. He saw two men in yellow hazmat suits walking towards the beach, so he got out his phone and began recording video. He captured the men pulling a bizarre creature out of the water. It appeared to be humanoid, however it had a strange, green tail. The footage has since gone viral on our YouTube channel with many people claiming it shows a real life mermaid.

Could this video be proof that mermaids inhabit lakes around the world? One major question does arise. How do mermaids survive in lakes during the winter, because Minnesotan lakes do freeze during the winter months.

Mermaid or hoax? What do you think?

Can mermaids be found in lakes? Many ancient stories and legends tell of half-human hald-fish creatures inhabiting the world's oceans. Could a distant human ancestor have wandered into the water and a new species of human evolved? That is up for you to decide. If this footage is real, it could mean that authorities are covering the existence of mermaids up.

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