Top 5 Most Mysterious Places on Earth

There are many wonderful places on this planet that have attracted people to them in great numbers. However, when it comes to finding some unusual and strange places there are a handful of places that really stand out. These mysterious places have seen people disappear. Others display random lights while still others are home to some truly gigantic statues. Read on to find out ore about some strange and mysterious places. Here is a brief look at the top 5 most mysterious and strange places on earth.

Easter Island
Easter Island is one of the most mysterious places on Earth. This island lies close to the Chilean coast and though it is not infamous for disappearing people or even for any black magic, it is however home to some very huge statues that rise some fifty feet up into the air. What makes Easter Island so mysterious is that nobody knows for sure just who carved these statues and how they came to this island. There are a couple of hundred natives that live on Easter Island and though they may know the answer they won’t be able to communicate it to you.

Santa Cruz’s mysterious spot
Santa Cruz is well known for its numerous optical illusions but it also has a very mysterious spot in the form of a cabin that is truly very odd. What makes this cabin so odd is that as soon as you enter this cabin it will tip over in different directions. Even though it stands on flat and level surface nobody is able to explain why it tips over in different directions. In this mystery spot it becomes impossible to stand upright.

The Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle is not only a very large area but it has never ever been photographed. It starts at the coast of Florida and covers a very large area. What makes this a mysterious place is the fact that numerous ships and planes have disappeared here over the last few hundred years. Some people attribute these disappearances to natural disasters while others think that the disappearances were because of some deep-rooted conspiracy. Nobody has a definitive answer as to why people and things disappear in the Bermuda Triangle.

Atlantis is so mysterious that all that we know of it is through what we see of it on a map. This map is from the time when continents were moving about in a bid to find a final resting place. It seems that Atlantis lies somewhere between America and Africa. Nothing is known about whether Atlantis was consumed by the waves or was combusted or even became part of another continent. The search for this mysterious place continues.

Blood Falls
Blood Falls is located in the Antarctica. What makes it so mysterious is the fact that you won’t be able to visit it in person. It can however be viewed through photographs which show blood red colored waterfall dotting the white colored Taylor Glacier. Nobody knows, including glaciologists and microbiologists, why this waterfall is blood red in color. Another thing that makes this very mysterious place is the fact that 1300 feet beneath all that ice live some microorganisms that are sustained by sulfur and iron in the water. According to expert glaciologists and microbiologists, the waterfall is red because the water itself contains a lot of iron, and it is this iron that turns the water red.

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