T. Rex Bit With More Force Than Previously Thought

While it was known that the jaws of tyrannosaurus were ridiculously strong, scientists have recently gained more insight into just how strong the jaws of this ancient dinosaur were.

A newly published study suggests that the T. Rex was capable of exerting nearly 8,000 pounds of force. It is thought that some parts of their teeth delivered up to 431,000 pounds of pressure per square inch.

Because of the immense amount of force and pressure delivered by the T. Rex, it is thought that the giant creature was able to bite straight through the bones of its prey. After pulverizing the bones of its prey, the Tyrannosaurus Rex then continued to not only digest the flesh, but also the bone itself. This would, in turn, allow the T. Rex to get the most nutrition out of a carcass.

If these findings are correct, then the T. Rex could bite more than twice as much as a crocodile in terms of bit force.

Source: Yahoo!

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