Top 5 Ocean Mysteries

From a Japanese Atlantis to a giant cannibal shark, in this list we take a look at the top 5 ocean mysteries. Remember, the oceans on our planet are some of the most unexplored places on Earth. In fact, we as humans know more about the surface of the moon than we do about the bottom of the ocean.

5. The Giant Oarfish
A real-life sea serpent inhabits the seas, called the Oarfish. This beast measures at over 25 feet in length, with some reports describing sightings of similar specimens twice this size. Its bright silver color and large, red spikes running down its back has led many to identify it as a deep-sea monster on many occasions. Sighting of this mysterious creature have dated back as far as 1860 when two fishermen came across one on the coast of Bermuda and attempted to slay it.

4. The Bermuda Triangle
Between Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico lies the mysterious Bermuda triangle, aka the Devil's triangle and the triangle of death. This area has been notorious for unexplainable disappearances. Most notably:
The USS cyclops in 1918, vanishing with over 300 men on board while sailing through the triangle, after departing the island of Barbados. No pieces of the boat have ever been found.

On December 5, 1945, a training flight of 5 torpedo bombers, called flight 19, was scheduled to fly over the triangle to Fort Lauderdale and back, just a 140-mile exercise. All bombers departed base, but never returned.

3. Australian Cannibal Shark
Researchers attached a tracking device to a massive, 9-foot great white shark. This device collected data on the shark’s location, depth and temperature at all times. For 4 months all activity was normal, until one day researchers noticed the shark had taken a sudden, massive dive, descending more than 1900 feet into the black depths of the ocean. Not only that, but its temperature had risen to 78 degrees. Researchers are convinced the only possible explanation is cannibalism by another, even larger, great white shark, estimated to be 16 feet long and weighing over 4000 pounds.

2. Atlantis of Japan
Off the coast of Yonaguni, Japan, lies a historic, underwater monument experts are calling the Atlantis of Japan, which scientists and researchers have concluded dates back to over 5000 years. Inside this underwater mystery lies castle ruins, a large arch, five temples, a pyramid, and a massive stadium. Some experts believe that the structures could be all that's left of Mu, a Pacific civilization rumored to have been wiped out and vanished beneath the waves of a devastating Tsunami.

1. Four Submarine Disappearances of 1968
In 1968, four submarines from all different parts of the world mysteriously vanished beneath the waves of the deep sea, without explanation. Submarines from France, Britain, the Soviet Union and the United stated all set sail with over 200 men on board, but never returned home when their tour was over. To this day researcher have been clueless on what transpired, still searching the ocean for signs and clues. Many theories have attempted to shed light on this deep-sea secret, some think the submarines attacked each other, others are convinced there’s much more to this mystery.

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