Top 5 Crazy Conspiracy Theories

For as long as the human race has been able to tell stories and share news, there have been conspiracy theories. Some of them are plain crazy; some have an eerie ring of truth. There’s even the conspiracy theory that some people conspire to generate conspiracy theories that are almost credible and then create theories that any conspiracy theory is just a fictional delusion.

If you’re still following us after all that, we’ve listed below five of the (hundreds of) more wacky conspiracy theories for your reading pleasure. We’ll just wait here while you grab your tinfoil hat…

The Lizard People Rule the World
First touted by professional conspiracy theorist David Icke, this purports that all world leaders from the British Royal family to every US President to all third world dictators and beyond are actually shape-shifting, blood-drinking reptiles wearing human body suits, sent here from outer space to enslave the human race. Your Bloody Mary Mr President, O-Positive as requested.

Denver Airport: Secret meeting place for the Illuminati or a cover for an underground New World Order network?
Opened in 1995 Denver Airport was 16 months behind schedule and $2 billion over budget. Some people speculate that the delays and overspend were due to the secret installation of miles of underground tunnels to house the New World Order. Others point to the super-creepy murals that adorn some of the walls, claiming the inclusion of Illuminati codes and satanic symbols. But really, would they make it that obvious?

Chemtrails: Government sponsored mind control
It’s a gorgeous sunny day, and you look up into a brilliant blue sky to admire the seemingly random pattern of “contrails” from passing overhead airplanes. Just condensation from the aircraft, right? But why do some airplanes leave trails and others nothing? For some, these are actually chemtrails:  chemical or biological agents sprayed at high altitude for various reasons including human population control, psychological manipulation, and military weapons testing. Don’t forget to breathe in next time you get on a plane.

The earth is indeed, flat
The same people who believe this theory also believe that the moon landings were fake and that NASA uses its money for world domination. They also say there’s a reason why no-one allowed to colonize Antartica: it might give away the fact that the edge of the planet is visible from there. And we thought this kind of thinking was confined to the Middle Ages.

The RMS Titanic never sank
It was actually her sister ship the Olympic that was substituted for the Titanic. The theory goes that Captain Smith took the Olympic out on its maiden voyage but wrecked it. So the White Star Line increased their insurance policy, swapped the two ships over and sent it out knowing it was going to sink. So a big ship did sink but the change of name could give James Cameron a bit of a headache.

So, plausible or plain whakadoodle? We’ll let you decide.

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