5 Creepiest Places on Earth

There are places on this earth that will make you want to up and leave for Mars. Places so alien to the extent that they are considered nightmares from nightmares. This places will make your skin crawl; just a sound and you are sure to jump out of your skin. If you are looking for creepy, the five places listed below are the definition of creepy.

Located at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan, the Aokigahara is a woodland you don't want your holiday home to be on. The Aokigahara is a place to dead bodies as London is a place to amusement parks. Since the 1950s, more than five hundred people have committed suicide in this. Okay, how did it all start? Well, according to the history of the place, a novelist who went by the name Seicho Matsumoto got his novel, Kuroi Kaiju, published. And in this novel, two of his characters committed suicide in the Aokigahara forest. After that, hundreds of Japanese started going to the forest to practically know how it feels like when they take their own life (dead, I presume). Besides the rich "death history and intricately made nooses" the forest is now home to a lot of "lovely messages" like "Think of your family" and "Life is a precious thing". There's even one that has a short form, NSFS (Not safe for soul), nice messages, right?

Next time when you visit Ohio, write it on every notepad, wall, reminders, anything, not to get tempted to go to The Ridges in Athens, Ohio. Before the state of Ohio got in possession of the property now known as the Ridges, it was formerly known as Athens Lunatic Asylum. The history is also quite rich in creepiness; the hospital is said to have been home to hundreds of lobotomies who were often insane as a result of epilepsy and -you won't believe this- masturbation (yeah, I was shocked too). According to the British Society for Physical Research, Athens is the 13th most haunted place in the whole universe. The Ohio University close by is said to be heavily haunted, maybe it's because the university owns most of the Ridges. Now here's the most famous story of the place; a 54 year old female patient who was said to have ran away or disappeared for six weeks, was later found in an unused ward, dead to the bone. To make the story more interesting, the woman had taken off her clothes, folded them neatly, and laid down entirely naked on the cold concrete floor where her soul left her body and never came back for it. As a matter of fact, she made sure she was not forgotten and nobody got "her ward" as the sun and her decomposed body combined together to leave a permanent stain on the floor. Yes, her spirit now owns the ward and it's still there till today.

These two abandoned towns are all shades of creepiness. Situated in Chile, these two towns used to be places where saltpeter mining had flourished. Everything collapsed after a lot of blows befell the two towns (including the Great Depression) in 1958. In 1960 the town of Humberstone, its neighbor, LaNoria and other surrounding towns were all deserted. Now here's the creepy part; it is rumored that the LaNoria Cemetery is home to dead people who wake up in the night, walk around the town, and decide to chill out in photographs in Humberstone. As a matter of fact, the people of the neighboring town of Iquique do not venture into these towns. Children have been heard playing in the desolated towns and the former residents can be seen walking about. To top it all, especially for those who are skeptical, there are open graves in the cemetery that contains fully exposed bodies. Humberstone and LaNoria is a no-go area.

As lovely as Scotland is, it also has its own share of creepiness. In the wonderful village of Milton, which is located in the very lovely burgh of Dumbarton, Scotland, lies a creepy bridge. This bridge loves not the human body but cannot get its taste for dog meat/blood under control. Alright, enough try on Shakespeare, I'm talking about the Overtoun Bridge. The Overtoun Bridge is a place you don't want to walk your dog on as it is said that there's a demon in the water that seduces a dog and make's it jump right over the bridge. Since the early 60s, a dog jumps over the Overtoun bring, at least one in a month. The jumping isn't some sort of accident that could have been avoided with the help of guardrails, no, it is the deliberate kind where the dog has some mischievous grin on its face, before deciding to take a leap of death over the parapet wall. There have even been cases where those that jumped and survived came back on the bridge to rewrite their death exam by jumping again, else teacher bridge demon won't be happy with them.

Well, it happened that someone went to the Holy Land, came back with some soil and sprinkled the soil on the local cemetery in Sedlec, a small Czech town. Ever since then, everybody in Europe wanted to be buried on the grounds when they died. This made the Sedlec graveyard grow to unimaginable heights until 1870 when the priests decided enough is enough, these bones are way too much and we've got to do something about it, which they did. They found a crazy interior woodcarver who went by the name Frantisek Rint, a native of Czech. He was asked to reorganize all of the bones lying around the church, and in his infinitely creepy wisdom, Mr. Frank the woodcarver, decided to build a chandelier made of bones from every part of the body, enormous mounds of human remain placed on the four corners of the chapel, and a large skull coat of arms used to beautify the entrance. Now, anybody who goes to Mass can “confidently” say their prayers as a nice chandelier of bones is sitting over their head and a large skull is staring back at them inquiring why they have their eyes open during prayers. Well, the Czechs may be used to it as they have been going to Mass like that for over 140 years now, can you though?

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