Is This a Real Alien Caught on Tape at a Park?

The video below was taken by a man at a park. The exact location of this park remains unknown, as well as the man who took the footage. The video has sparked debate online about the validity of the said video. Many think the video is genuine, and that it shows a real alien caught on tape, while others aren't as enthusiastic to believe it really shows an alien caught on camera. In the end, the validity of this alien sighting that was documented on video is up for you to decide. Real alien, or hoax? What do you think?

4 Unexplained Jungle Mysteries

Even today, with satellite technology and GPS mapping, the world’s jungles remain mysterious and dangerous places, as the following true stories will testify.

Disappearance of Michael Rockerfeller
In 1961 at the age of 23 Michael Rockerfeller embarked on an expedition to study the Asmat tribe of New Guinea. On November 17th the canoe he was travelling in with Dutch anthropologist Rene Wassing capsized in the middle of the river, three miles from shore. Believing he could swim to safety and get help, he left Wassing clutching the capsized boat, and was never seen again. Despite and lengthy and intensive search his body was never found. Speculation was rife: did he drown? Get eaten by wild animals? Did he make it to shore only to be killed and eaten by the cannibalistic Asmat tribe? Despite exhaustive investigations, to this day the Rockerfeller family have found nothing to conclusively prove their son’s fate.

Stone Balls of Costa Rica
Discovered in the 1930’s during jungle clearing in the Diquis Delta, the stone spheres of Costa Rica have so far defied analysis. Over 300 of them in various sizes were discovered, some just a few centimetres in diameter, some measuring over two meters and weighing over 16 tons. They are certainly not natural in origin, being almost perfectly spherical, but how or why they got to where they were remains an unsolved mystery. Some were found in straight or curved lines, triangles or parallelograms, suggesting alignment with the earth’s magnetic forces. Some suggested that there is gold hidden within them, but although several of them have been destroyed no gold has been found.

The Boiling River of Peru
Deep in the heart of Amazonian Peru is the world’s largest thermal river. Four miles long, up to 80 feet wide and 16 feet deep, It runs at temperatures over 200°F – hot enough to kill you should you fall in. Thermal rivers are not unknown in nature, but the mystery of why this river is so hot remains. Scientists have yet to find the source of the heat; there are no geothermal systems to feed it, and the sheer volume of water defies explanation. The current working hypothesis is that hot geothermal water is pouring in from fault zones or cracks in the earth, heating the river up,  but its true origins are as yet unknown.

Lost Dutch Girls of Panama
On April 1st 2014, two young Dutch tourists, Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon, disappeared while hiking the Pianista Trail near Boquete, Panama. For months there was no sign of them but Lisanne’s backpack was found. In it were a camera and both girls’ phones. It soon became apparent that both phones had been used many times to make emergency calls over several days. On the camera there were over 90 shots taken in darkness and deep in the jungle over a week after they first went missing. A renewed search eventually found both girls’ remains scattered along a river bank but the precise details of what happened to Kris and Lisanne will probably never be known.

Top 5 Crazy Conspiracy Theories

For as long as the human race has been able to tell stories and share news, there have been conspiracy theories. Some of them are plain crazy; some have an eerie ring of truth. There’s even the conspiracy theory that some people conspire to generate conspiracy theories that are almost credible and then create theories that any conspiracy theory is just a fictional delusion.

If you’re still following us after all that, we’ve listed below five of the (hundreds of) more wacky conspiracy theories for your reading pleasure. We’ll just wait here while you grab your tinfoil hat…

The Lizard People Rule the World
First touted by professional conspiracy theorist David Icke, this purports that all world leaders from the British Royal family to every US President to all third world dictators and beyond are actually shape-shifting, blood-drinking reptiles wearing human body suits, sent here from outer space to enslave the human race. Your Bloody Mary Mr President, O-Positive as requested.

Denver Airport: Secret meeting place for the Illuminati or a cover for an underground New World Order network?
Opened in 1995 Denver Airport was 16 months behind schedule and $2 billion over budget. Some people speculate that the delays and overspend were due to the secret installation of miles of underground tunnels to house the New World Order. Others point to the super-creepy murals that adorn some of the walls, claiming the inclusion of Illuminati codes and satanic symbols. But really, would they make it that obvious?

Chemtrails: Government sponsored mind control
It’s a gorgeous sunny day, and you look up into a brilliant blue sky to admire the seemingly random pattern of “contrails” from passing overhead airplanes. Just condensation from the aircraft, right? But why do some airplanes leave trails and others nothing? For some, these are actually chemtrails:  chemical or biological agents sprayed at high altitude for various reasons including human population control, psychological manipulation, and military weapons testing. Don’t forget to breathe in next time you get on a plane.

The earth is indeed, flat
The same people who believe this theory also believe that the moon landings were fake and that NASA uses its money for world domination. They also say there’s a reason why no-one allowed to colonize Antartica: it might give away the fact that the edge of the planet is visible from there. And we thought this kind of thinking was confined to the Middle Ages.

The RMS Titanic never sank
It was actually her sister ship the Olympic that was substituted for the Titanic. The theory goes that Captain Smith took the Olympic out on its maiden voyage but wrecked it. So the White Star Line increased their insurance policy, swapped the two ships over and sent it out knowing it was going to sink. So a big ship did sink but the change of name could give James Cameron a bit of a headache.

So, plausible or plain whakadoodle? We’ll let you decide.

Top 5 Unexplained Mysteries

The world is a wild and curious place. Although science is a powerful thing there are many things that it is unable to explain, here we are going to look into some of these mysteries and why they are unexplained.

1 - Out of body experiences 
The most common form of an out of body experience is the lucid dream. There is no doubt that one of the most mysterious states of consciousness that the human can be a part of is a dream. A lucid dream is basically a state of consciousness that allows you to be a part of the world that is in between the real world and your dream world. More times than not this can result in sleep paralysis, where you find yourself in your bedroom hovering over your sleeping physical being watching yourself sleep. Although there are many scientists and theorists trying to come up for the reason as to why we have these out of body experiences like lucid dreaming. All reasons so far are only that of theory.

2 - Deja Vu
From the French word meaning ‘Already seen’, Deja Vu is the moment when you realise that you have been in that exact situation before. Same area, same people and you were doing the exact same thing. In fact in some instances you are able to tell what is going to happen next. It is another topic of conversation that no one can definitively say they know why it happens but there are a number of theories as to why:
  • In a parallel universe the event has in fact happened already
  • Past life memories
  • Clairvoyance 
  • Some sort of mystical way for the universe telling you that you are on the correct path

3 - UFOs
It is impossible to speak about unexplained events without talking about UFOs. First been sighted in 1878 Texas, USA they have since been a question on some peoples mind. With others making it their life’s work to find proof that aliens and UFOs do exist. Unfortunately (to our knowledge) there has been no evidence to prove that UFOs and aliens exist and the pictures said to prove this the UFOs turned out to be dust or planes in the background.

4 - Pyramids 
Considering these incredible buildings were built before the wheel existed, it begs the question how on earth did the ancient Egyptians build them? Maybe there is not an earthly reason to it, maybe there is, but there is no doubt that we are still not sure of the technology that was used to build them. Not only that they seem to produce some sort of electrical current that we also do not know how.

5 - The Placebo Effect
We know that the mind and body are two amazing things, but put together they seem to be able to do things that science just cannot explain. The placebo effect is the act of tricking the mind not thinking one thing is happening when it is the complete opposite. Where a patient is given saline solution rather than medication. This is sometimes used to relieve medical symptoms that previously were causing a lot of trouble, but yet we still do not know why this works!

5 Creepiest Places on Earth

There are places on this earth that will make you want to up and leave for Mars. Places so alien to the extent that they are considered nightmares from nightmares. This places will make your skin crawl; just a sound and you are sure to jump out of your skin. If you are looking for creepy, the five places listed below are the definition of creepy.

Located at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan, the Aokigahara is a woodland you don't want your holiday home to be on. The Aokigahara is a place to dead bodies as London is a place to amusement parks. Since the 1950s, more than five hundred people have committed suicide in this. Okay, how did it all start? Well, according to the history of the place, a novelist who went by the name Seicho Matsumoto got his novel, Kuroi Kaiju, published. And in this novel, two of his characters committed suicide in the Aokigahara forest. After that, hundreds of Japanese started going to the forest to practically know how it feels like when they take their own life (dead, I presume). Besides the rich "death history and intricately made nooses" the forest is now home to a lot of "lovely messages" like "Think of your family" and "Life is a precious thing". There's even one that has a short form, NSFS (Not safe for soul), nice messages, right?

Next time when you visit Ohio, write it on every notepad, wall, reminders, anything, not to get tempted to go to The Ridges in Athens, Ohio. Before the state of Ohio got in possession of the property now known as the Ridges, it was formerly known as Athens Lunatic Asylum. The history is also quite rich in creepiness; the hospital is said to have been home to hundreds of lobotomies who were often insane as a result of epilepsy and -you won't believe this- masturbation (yeah, I was shocked too). According to the British Society for Physical Research, Athens is the 13th most haunted place in the whole universe. The Ohio University close by is said to be heavily haunted, maybe it's because the university owns most of the Ridges. Now here's the most famous story of the place; a 54 year old female patient who was said to have ran away or disappeared for six weeks, was later found in an unused ward, dead to the bone. To make the story more interesting, the woman had taken off her clothes, folded them neatly, and laid down entirely naked on the cold concrete floor where her soul left her body and never came back for it. As a matter of fact, she made sure she was not forgotten and nobody got "her ward" as the sun and her decomposed body combined together to leave a permanent stain on the floor. Yes, her spirit now owns the ward and it's still there till today.

These two abandoned towns are all shades of creepiness. Situated in Chile, these two towns used to be places where saltpeter mining had flourished. Everything collapsed after a lot of blows befell the two towns (including the Great Depression) in 1958. In 1960 the town of Humberstone, its neighbor, LaNoria and other surrounding towns were all deserted. Now here's the creepy part; it is rumored that the LaNoria Cemetery is home to dead people who wake up in the night, walk around the town, and decide to chill out in photographs in Humberstone. As a matter of fact, the people of the neighboring town of Iquique do not venture into these towns. Children have been heard playing in the desolated towns and the former residents can be seen walking about. To top it all, especially for those who are skeptical, there are open graves in the cemetery that contains fully exposed bodies. Humberstone and LaNoria is a no-go area.

As lovely as Scotland is, it also has its own share of creepiness. In the wonderful village of Milton, which is located in the very lovely burgh of Dumbarton, Scotland, lies a creepy bridge. This bridge loves not the human body but cannot get its taste for dog meat/blood under control. Alright, enough try on Shakespeare, I'm talking about the Overtoun Bridge. The Overtoun Bridge is a place you don't want to walk your dog on as it is said that there's a demon in the water that seduces a dog and make's it jump right over the bridge. Since the early 60s, a dog jumps over the Overtoun bring, at least one in a month. The jumping isn't some sort of accident that could have been avoided with the help of guardrails, no, it is the deliberate kind where the dog has some mischievous grin on its face, before deciding to take a leap of death over the parapet wall. There have even been cases where those that jumped and survived came back on the bridge to rewrite their death exam by jumping again, else teacher bridge demon won't be happy with them.

Well, it happened that someone went to the Holy Land, came back with some soil and sprinkled the soil on the local cemetery in Sedlec, a small Czech town. Ever since then, everybody in Europe wanted to be buried on the grounds when they died. This made the Sedlec graveyard grow to unimaginable heights until 1870 when the priests decided enough is enough, these bones are way too much and we've got to do something about it, which they did. They found a crazy interior woodcarver who went by the name Frantisek Rint, a native of Czech. He was asked to reorganize all of the bones lying around the church, and in his infinitely creepy wisdom, Mr. Frank the woodcarver, decided to build a chandelier made of bones from every part of the body, enormous mounds of human remain placed on the four corners of the chapel, and a large skull coat of arms used to beautify the entrance. Now, anybody who goes to Mass can “confidently” say their prayers as a nice chandelier of bones is sitting over their head and a large skull is staring back at them inquiring why they have their eyes open during prayers. Well, the Czechs may be used to it as they have been going to Mass like that for over 140 years now, can you though?

Top 5 Ghost Ships

Ghost ships bring that sudden air of mystery and suspense to the room and conversation.  You’re out on the water in your beautiful cruise ship and all of a sudden you see a dark and creepy boat off the side. It doesn’t appear that anyone is on it, and it’s just floating all by itself. Or there are people on board just standing and staring, but when you bring it up to the captain or someone else with the navigation equipment, they state there was nothing over there, they didn’t see anything. Now there are real abandoned ships floating in the massive water surrounding the planet, but there are also the fictional ones as well.  I’m not sure which is creepier honestly.

The Flying Dutchman
Well, this story is after the name of the Captain and not the boat itself. The Flying Dutchman haunts the waters of South Africa near the Cape of Good Hope.  Captain Hendrick Vanderdecken is said to have cursed himself and his crew during a storm in which he stated he could get his ship to Table Bay despite anything that was thrown at him. The boat, and all its crew perished on that fateful night, and now, as punishment from God, they are forced to sail the waters for the rest of eternity.  

El Caleuche
This ship haunts the waters off Chile. The only time it comes out is at night (which is generally when you would see a ghost ship honestly), and only through the fog or mist, but the ship itself is brightly lit. This isn’t a haunting however in the creepy way, as the ship and its crew guard the water and punish those who try to harm Chile. The ship has a crew and witches, who travel on a seahorse and on calm night music and laughter come from the ship itself.  

Lady Lovibond
A ship that was deliberately wrecked by the first mate. According to legend, the ship is seen every 50 years on the anniversary of its demise. The story, goes that the captain was celebrating his recent marriage with his new wife, family, and guests, when the first mate (who through a jealous fit of rage at not being the groom) felt his blood boil, killed the helmsman, and then crashed the boaton the Goodwin Sands, killing everyone on board. It’s said, that when the ghost ship appears, people have went out to rescue survivors, who weren’t really there.

SS Valencia
This ghost ship is again based off of a real wreckage. Taking place in the “Graveyard of the Pacific” the ship hit a reef. Those on the boat hung on for 36 hours to the sides of the ship and riggings, but were eventually taken out to see. Out of 136 passengers only 37 passengers survived.  Because of the accident, the Panchena Point Lighthouse was created along with the West Coast Trail. Some of the more haunting points of the story is that people see the Valencia in the exhaust of the rescues boat City of Topeka which did save some of the passengers. Also fishermen have seen lifeboats with skeletons on the open waters or in caves. Interestingly enough one of the ships lifeboats drifted into the Barkley Sound in 1933, still in relatively good condition, a full 27 years after the ship wreck.

5 Strangest Things Found in The Ocean

The ocean is filled with a number of curiosities and it can be extremely difficult to narrow down exactly which ones are the strangest. With a large portion of our oceans that remain undiscovered it's also important to remember that these five strange things may not even be the strangest items that ocean could be hiding. The oceans make up over 140,000,000 mi.² and the vast majority of the Earth's surface. With over 71% of the earth covered in water and depths that can reach well over 12,000 feet on average, the oceans and what lies beneath the waves is truly a mystery.  Here are the top five strangest things that we have found in our world's oceans:
The Antikythera Mechanism:
The Antikythera mechanism is heralded as one of the world's first computers. The device was found at a depth of 45 m in a shipwreck off of the Greek island of Antikythera. The wreck was originally recovered in the year 1900 and it would be two years before individuals would begin piecing the mechanism together to form the final wheel and function of the mechanism. There were over 82 fragments to reassemble and the study of these fragments was not published until the year 1974. The mystery surrounding the device is that it is far more events than any other technology discovered from the same time period.
It estimated that Greek astronomers would have created a device in second century BC and no other type of technology or materials of this kind have been recorded previously. The device and its construction would have relied on mathematics and astronomy employed by Greek astronomers. Inscriptions on the mechanism dated it about 87 BC and coins recovered on the wreck site were dated at 76 and 67 BC.
The basic function of the mechanism is a series of 30 bronze gears which were separated and reassembled in their fragments. The device works as a clockwork mechanism or a mechanical/astronomical clock. The gears offer extremely detailed work and the main gear available in the device has over 223 handcrafted teeth.
The same type of traditional clocks were not dated again by historians until the 14th century in Europe. Many have suggested that the mechanism is dated at around 205 BC going against the inscriptions found throughout the other belongings. Even still, this would place the creation of this mechanism far before any other recorded instance of the same technology by over 1000 years.  
The fragments today are still studied and the ancient analog computer remains extremely advanced for its time period. A true mystery recovered in the ocean.
The Baltic Sea Anomaly:
The Baltic Sea anomaly was a 60 m circular rock found on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. The discovery was made by Peter Lindberg and Dennis Asberg a member of the oceanX diving team in the year 2011. The shape of the object is a 16 m circular rock and it appears to have a structure that includes a staircase as well as a dark entranceway. Many have speculated that this could be an alien craft, a geological formation or even a battleship gun turned. While there are opinions on almost every side of science, the object still remains a mystery.
The appearance of this object looks like a rough granite and it sits atop an 8 m pillar in the ocean at a depth of 90 m. There are several smaller objects that look similar to a runway located nearby. The object nearby to the object is a 300 m runway style leadup to the item. Sonar scans have been taken of the object at several different angles and there is an entranceway with a staircase that has been unexplored leading into the structure.
What makes the Baltic Sea anomaly even more interesting is samples recovered by divers. The main components of the item is Limonite and Goethite. Some suggest that these materials could not be formed by nature in such mass quantities but the materials found can be formed by nature on nodules which can regularly be found in sea beds.
After its discovery many people were very quick to point out that the shape of the object resembles spacecraft like the millennium falcon on the sonar image. While the object has yet to receive a full study, there is still plenty of speculation about this unique item.
One thing is for sure about it being a geological formation is that it is definitely out of place for the Baltic Sea. Volcanic rocks were found within the composition of the object and since there has been no recorded volcanic activity within the Baltic Sea, the mystery item is a true anomaly.
Lost city in the Gulf of Cambay:
Archaeologists were able to discover the remains of an ancient city back in year 2002 which essentially rewrote the history books on the nature of cities and human civilization. Marine scientists were able to recover archaeological evidence of a city in the Gulf of Cambay that was carbon dated to be well over 9000 years old. The settlement which was 2 miles wide and 5 miles long, is estimated to be one of the oldest remains on the subcontinent and perhaps one of the oldest cities ever created.
Oceanographers from India's national Institute of Ocean technology were able to discover these remains while conducting routine pollution studies. Over side scan sonar, they were just able to detect the structures that made up the city.
Carbon dating was completed on some of the debris that was hauled up from the site. Evidence of human remains as well as beads, sculptures and construction material were all inspected and some of these items have been placed in local museums. Some of the oldest pieces from the settlement have been dated at close to 9500 years old making this undersea city one of the oldest cities in the world.
The Harappan civilization is one of the oldest in the region dated at around 4000 years. This civilization would be over double the age of the earliest known settlement. So the first cities in Mesopotamia were founded during this time and these settlements would be a far departure from some of the ancient cities of Egypt and their pyramids/architecture.
The chronology of this settlement in the Gulf baffled archaeologists and essentially rewrote our view of the ancient world after its discovery. It was estimated that the city would have to have been abandoned during the last ice age in which the icecaps would've melted between 9 to 10,000 years ago. Exploring the area has remained quite difficult for archaeologists as the riptides and strong currents make recovery efforts very difficult. The site still remains quite a mystery to the scientific world making it a truly strange oddity found in the ocean.

The Yonaguni Monument:
There is a unique ruin found off the coast of Japan known as the Yonaguni island. This island features completely unique topography in the form of sunken formations. The rock formations can be found just off the coast of Yonaguni and towards the southern tip of the Ryukyu Islands in Japan.
The nature of these monuments has been hotly debated over the years and it's not known whether or not the stone formations are naturally made or modified artifacts. Preservation work or research has not been carried out on the formation and it still remains in its original condition. The monument is a popular diving site especially throughout the winter months as it holds a very large portion of hammerhead shark.
The area features relatively strong currents but it still remains a very popular attraction for divers making their way to the area. A group of scientists has been invented the formation but it's not known quite how they were assembled or deposited in the area. Several formations including spaced pillars, star shaped platform, L shaped platforms and a series of flat edges somewhat resemble that of a monolith. The monument is estimated to be at least 10,000 years old and it is likely that the entire formation was once above water giving the chance that it could have been assembled by man.
If these are indeed artificial structures they could be constructions of a lost continent in Japan that would be known as MU. As the structures date back tens of thousands of years, it's possible that the technology may not have been in place to move or assemble these stones in their formation at the time either.
The Yonaguni monument remains an absolute mystery and one of the greatest discoveries found in the oceans here.
The world’s largest waterfall
The world's largest waterfall is in fact not Victoria Falls but an undersea waterfall that can be found in the Denmark Strait. It is classified as being the highest underwater waterfall with water dropping over 11,000 feet into the straight. The different densities and masses caused by temperature difference causes the water to fall and the amount of water falling is up to 12 times more than the largest above see waterfall, Victoria Falls. As the oceans are beginning to warm, the flow of this undersea waterfall is also slowing as a result of changing water conditions. This waterfall could soon begin to slow further and eventually stop altogether. It's still going to be a long time before this occurs and it’s also quite a difficult phenomenon to view with the ocean currents around the area. In most cases the view of this waterfall is only available by sonar currently.
Consider some of these top strange discoveries that can be found in the ocean as part of our top 5 list!

Top 5 Ocean Mysteries

From a Japanese Atlantis to a giant cannibal shark, in this list we take a look at the top 5 ocean mysteries. Remember, the oceans on our planet are some of the most unexplored places on Earth. In fact, we as humans know more about the surface of the moon than we do about the bottom of the ocean.

5. The Giant Oarfish
A real-life sea serpent inhabits the seas, called the Oarfish. This beast measures at over 25 feet in length, with some reports describing sightings of similar specimens twice this size. Its bright silver color and large, red spikes running down its back has led many to identify it as a deep-sea monster on many occasions. Sighting of this mysterious creature have dated back as far as 1860 when two fishermen came across one on the coast of Bermuda and attempted to slay it.

4. The Bermuda Triangle
Between Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico lies the mysterious Bermuda triangle, aka the Devil's triangle and the triangle of death. This area has been notorious for unexplainable disappearances. Most notably:
The USS cyclops in 1918, vanishing with over 300 men on board while sailing through the triangle, after departing the island of Barbados. No pieces of the boat have ever been found.

On December 5, 1945, a training flight of 5 torpedo bombers, called flight 19, was scheduled to fly over the triangle to Fort Lauderdale and back, just a 140-mile exercise. All bombers departed base, but never returned.

3. Australian Cannibal Shark
Researchers attached a tracking device to a massive, 9-foot great white shark. This device collected data on the shark’s location, depth and temperature at all times. For 4 months all activity was normal, until one day researchers noticed the shark had taken a sudden, massive dive, descending more than 1900 feet into the black depths of the ocean. Not only that, but its temperature had risen to 78 degrees. Researchers are convinced the only possible explanation is cannibalism by another, even larger, great white shark, estimated to be 16 feet long and weighing over 4000 pounds.

2. Atlantis of Japan
Off the coast of Yonaguni, Japan, lies a historic, underwater monument experts are calling the Atlantis of Japan, which scientists and researchers have concluded dates back to over 5000 years. Inside this underwater mystery lies castle ruins, a large arch, five temples, a pyramid, and a massive stadium. Some experts believe that the structures could be all that's left of Mu, a Pacific civilization rumored to have been wiped out and vanished beneath the waves of a devastating Tsunami.

1. Four Submarine Disappearances of 1968
In 1968, four submarines from all different parts of the world mysteriously vanished beneath the waves of the deep sea, without explanation. Submarines from France, Britain, the Soviet Union and the United stated all set sail with over 200 men on board, but never returned home when their tour was over. To this day researcher have been clueless on what transpired, still searching the ocean for signs and clues. Many theories have attempted to shed light on this deep-sea secret, some think the submarines attacked each other, others are convinced there’s much more to this mystery.