Dragon Sighting Takes Place in Brooklyn

This video was taken by a drone in Brooklyn. It claims to offer proof that dragons really exist. Is this video footage really evidence of the existence of dragons? This, of course, is up for you to decide. Some really do think that dragons are more than just a myth or legend. Some people claim that they have seen dragons in real life, and others go even farther claiming they have documented the mysterious flying creatures on video.

The 40 Creepiest Creatures Ever Seen

This video that was made by the YouTube channel "ApexTV" claims to depict the top 40 scariest and most mysterious creatures to ever be documented on video. Unlike a conventional top 10 video, this video is over 1 hour long and goes in depth into some of the most mysterious footage ever to be seen on YouTube.

Top 5 Werewolf Sightings of All Time

Werewolves have been the content of myths and legends for centuries. They have filled our modern pop culture in the form of books and movies. It is no doubt that some people think there is some truth to these alleged myths. Maybe the strange half wolf creatures depicted actually do exist. This video takes a look at the top 5 sightings that have ever been documented in the form of videos and pictures.