Shocking New Alien Sighting In Canada

Near a secret military base in the deep woods of Canada, this mysterious humanoid creature was caught on tape by a man who wishes to remain anonymous. Is this a real life alien that was caught on tape in Canada? That is ultimately up for you to decide. Some have said that this footage is proof of aliens visiting Earth. What do you think?

The 5 Most Mysterious UFOs Ever Spotted

Our universe is a mysterious one. It is not currently accepted by general science that aliens have been visited Earth, however these top 5 videos of UFOs claim to show real life alien ships and they present evidence of the visitation of extraterrestrials. What do you think? Have aliens visited Earth? Has the alien invasion already begun?

Mothman Spotted in West Virginia

An anonymous West Virginian cameraman has shared this photo of the alleged mothman online. The mothman is a legendary cryptid creature that is known for living in the Eastern portion of the United States. Is the mothman a real creature and is this sighting real? What do you think?

Top 15 Scary Things Caught on CCTV Cameras

From the Wessex Way monster (which is a mysterious creature that was caught by a CCTV camera focused on Wessex Way in England) to a disappearing airplane in Boston, this video by the YouTube channel ApexTV takes a look at the top 15 scary things caught on CCTV security cameras.

The Scariest Creatures Ever Seen

In this video by the paranormal YouTube channel ApexTV, they look at some of the scariest and most bizarre creatures that have not only ever been seen, but also documented by being caught on tape. Many theories have arisen attempting to explain the videos, however there is no doubting that they are mysterious.

The Most Mysterious Pictures From Mars

Mars is very far away, however it is the closest planet to Earth. Mars' population consists entirely of manned robots, or so we think. This video by the YouTube channel Creepy Countdowns shows five of the most mysterious photos ever taken on the red planet.

The Most Mysterious Bigfoot Sightings Ever Documented

This video, which was posted on the official Paranormal Elite YouTube channel shows some of the most mysterious sightings of supposed Bigfoot that have been caught on tape and documented on video. We have handpicked some of the best Sasquatch footage and compiled it into this video for your enjoyment. Do you believe Bigfoot actually exists? We would love to hear your thoughts!

5 Times That Aliens Were Caught on Video

This video that was posted on the YouTube channel Creepy Countdowns investigates the top 5 times in which aliens were caught on video. It is one thing to claim to have had an alien encounter, but it is an entire other thing to have actually caught your alien encounter on tape or on camera. What do you think? Has the alien invasion already begun?

Top 3 Real Life Sightings of Aliens

Here is a video that was posted by the YouTube channel called Top3s. It shows 3 times in which supposed real life aliens have been caught on tape. Whether or not these clips show real aliens is totally up for you to decide, however there is no denying the scare factor in some of this footage. Do you believe that aliens are visiting Earth? This video attempts to make the case that they not only have visited Earth, but they have also been documented on video.

Mongolian FIsherman Claims He Caught a Real Dragon

A fisherman in the country of Mongolia has made the seemingly outrageous claim that he has caught a real life dragon in a freshwater lake while fishing. This story has gone viral online and many people believe that dragons similar to those seen in Asian and Chinese mythology are actually real life undiscovered creatures. This video made by the YouTube channel ApexTV gives insight into this bizarre story.

Buddhist Monk Mummy May Still Be Alive!

The mummy of a Buddhist monk was recently seen moving on CCTV security cameras. The monk currently resides in a Buddhist temple and was thought to have died 89 years ago. Some people believe that the mummified monk is still alive but just in a meditative state. Watch this video and decide for yourself!

Top 25 Bizarre Creatures Documented on Video

Many people are already aware that the world is a very mysterious place, but you may be surprised to learn that most of the species on our planet remain undiscovered by modern science. For instance, over two-thirds of ocean life remain undiscovered. There are many videos surfacing on the internet claiming to show new creatures that no one has ever seen before. Are these bizarre creatures real? That is ultimately up for you to decide. Keep in mind that there have been many ancient mythical legends depicting creatures similar to those in this video. Maybe there is some truth to such legends.

Hunter Captures Bigfoot on Phone Camera

A hunter sitting in a tree stand has captured this intriguing video that claims to show a real Sasquatch caught on tape. Also known as Bigfoot in the United States, many similar sightings have taken place over the last several thousand years, however it is only in the last hundred that such sightings have been documented on video. Some think the footage such as this one really does show a Bigfoot that was caught on tape, while others aren't so sure. What do you think?