Mysterious Creature Caught by NASA on Mars

Some claim the above photo offer conclusive proof of extraterrestrial life existing on Mars. Some go as far as to say such life on Mars is intelligent but is attempting to hide from humanity. Others contest that life (possibly intelligent) once existed on Mars and all that remains are their carcasses.

Admittingly, the figure seen in the photograph above does bear resemblance to a human. This is not however conclusive proof to say that we are 100% sure alien life exists in Mars. It is most likely just a piece of rock that may look life a humanoid alien from a certain angle.

The explanation for us seeing a human in the pictrue can explained by something known as pareidolia. Pareidolia is a common phenomenon in which the human mind sees something and perceives a similar pattern, such as something that mind has seen in the past, where no correlation actually exists.

So when you think you see humanoid alien sitting on a rock on Mars, you probably actually just see a rock that looks like a humanoid alien from a certain angle.

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