Grey Alien Sighting Caught on Camera

The alien photographed above appears to show an alien being crouching behind a pile of logs. The photo itself was taken by a man who was taking a picture of cat.

It may be a bit difficult to see in this photograph, however if you look closely at the top left-hand side you can see the humanoid alien figuring peering from the pile of wood.

Some have claimed that the alien photo shows nothing more than a person wearing a mask, while others maintain that the picture is more evidence of aliens visiting Earth.

The alien resembles what are known as grey aliens, Grey aliens are the supposed species of aliens responsible for many sightings. Greys are small humanoid creatures with large heads and eyes who get their name from their gray skin color. Many people have claimed to have experiences with such beings and some go as far as to say that they have been abducted by grey aliens.

What do you think? Does this photograph provide more evidence that grey aliens are visiting Earth?

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