Former Astronaut Was Once Into UFOs

Tome Jones is a veteran astronaut at NASA and claims to have been into UFOS before becoming an astronaut. He has stated that he once wondered about the UFO phenomenon.

As a teenager, Tom was a big UFO fan. He thought that the study of UFOS was the next big exploration Frontier. Later on however, he dropped this opinion about UFOS after not seeing any evidence for their existence.

In the 1990's, Mr. Jones was asked about supposed UFO spaceships caught on tape in footage released by NASA. The footage was of the Space Shuttle Tom was aboard. People watching the footage back on Earth claimed to have seen strange objects flying in the background of the video. Tom said that the objects were nothing more than ice crystals and from his point of view aboard the shuttle this was clear.

Tom also says that he has not seem any compelling evidence to suggest extraterrestrial life has every visited earth.

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