Ancient Aliens Helped Build Pyramids in Antarctica

The popular TV show Ancient Aliens is scheduled to release a premiere episode for their new season. The episode is said to be about the ice-covered snowy pyramids in Antarctica. Are there really pyramids in this icy world?

Rumors about pyramids in Antarctica have been around for several years, so maybe this new episode of Ancient Aliens will shine some light on the subject. We already know that Ancient Aliens has inferred that the pyramids of Giza could not have been constructed by humans alone and that there is a possibility that ancient aliens visiting Earth assisted us with the task, but pyramids in Antarctica?

Some theorize that the images the show will use are likely going to be of natural phenomena such as "glacial horns" in European mountain ranges.

The current scientific consensus is that Antarctica does not hold pyramids built by lost civilizations with the assist of aliens.

What do you think? Did ancient aliens assist in the building of pyramids in Antarctica? Please let us know in the comments!

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