Alien Creature Spotted in Russia

The above image is a supposed alien that has been caught on camera in Russia. The alien, which is circled in red, can be seen peeking out of a drainage pipe. The creature was said to have been spotted and photographed by a Russian family. The family was walking their dog and snapped the picture of the alien when they heard strange sounds and saw movement inside the pipe.

The validity of the said photo is questionable. A sensible explanation could point to the alien head really just being an alien mask or even the result of digital photo editing.

Another point to consider is that the alien presumably traveled thousands of light years to get to Earth and simply hide in a drainage pipe. This does not seem rational. Maybe the creature spotted in the photo is really a different type of mysterious creature that has evolved here on Earth.

What do you think? Is this a real alien that has been spotted in Russia?

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