Alien Caught on Camera in Man's Basement

The photograph seen above was supposedly caught on camera in a man's basement. The man who sent us this photo has chosen to stay anonymous however he has told us that the picture was taken in the Western United States.

The story goes as follows. The man was playing with his dog in the upstairs portion of his home when he heard strange sounds coming from his basement. He said the sounds could be equated to someone punching a wall. The man went downstairs to investigate the source of these noises when he saw a strange figure dart across the downstairs hallway.

Thinking a robber was in his house, the man pulled out his camera along with a flashlight and approached the hallway he saw the creature run across. Suddenly the face of an alien being poked through the hallway entrance and the man snapped the photo.

Upon further research he found that the alien seen in the photograph resembled that of what are known as grey aliens, or greys.

Is this a real grey alien caught on camera in a man's basement? What do you think?

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