Alien Caught on Camera in Florida Home

The photograph seen above is one that was supposedly caught by a CCTV security camera in a Florida home. The owners of the security camera have yet to disclose their location, and in turn, all the evidence we have is the picture.

The fact that only one picture was taken by the camera raises some questions. First, why would a security camera just take photographs in the first place? Why was it not set to take video? It can be said that the camera was set to take a photograph when it sensed movement, but why not record the video?

The photo could easily be the result of photo editing or even a person in a costume, but this doesn't take away from the fact that it's creepy! Real or fake, I would be struck in terror if I happened to witness such a creature standing in my house or looking around the corner of a hallway like it seems the alien is doing here.

So is this a real alien caught on camera in a Florida resident's home? What do you think?

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