Alien Caught on Camera in Man's Basement

The photograph seen above was supposedly caught on camera in a man's basement. The man who sent us this photo has chosen to stay anonymous however he has told us that the picture was taken in the Western United States.

The story goes as follows. The man was playing with his dog in the upstairs portion of his home when he heard strange sounds coming from his basement. He said the sounds could be equated to someone punching a wall. The man went downstairs to investigate the source of these noises when he saw a strange figure dart across the downstairs hallway.

Thinking a robber was in his house, the man pulled out his camera along with a flashlight and approached the hallway he saw the creature run across. Suddenly the face of an alien being poked through the hallway entrance and the man snapped the photo.

Upon further research he found that the alien seen in the photograph resembled that of what are known as grey aliens, or greys.

Is this a real grey alien caught on camera in a man's basement? What do you think?

Alien Caught on Camera in Sauna

The photo seen above is one that was caught on camera inside a sauna at a hotel. The image was taken by a guest at the hotel who was visiting the hotel's sauna.

The person who took this photograph of the supposed alien creature captured it after hearing strange sounds coming from the sauna at the hotel. The door to the sauna was closed, and upon opening it he took a picture if the alien seen above.

Based off the appearance of the creature seen in the picture, some have claimed that the alien itself is a grey alien. Grey aliens, or greys, are the alleged species of alien responsible for many other sightings. Some people even claim to have been abducted by grey aliens.

The person who took the photo also claims to have revisited the sauna in which this picture was taken to find no trace of the alien.

What do you think? Is this a real alien caught on camera in a sauna?

VERY SCARY! Alien Caught on Camera

The photograph seen above claims to show an alien that was caught on a CCTV security camera. It's safe to say that the picture itself is VERY SCARY!

The CCTV security camera was facing the front door of the house it was inside of. The camera was set to capture a photo when it detected movement and it did just that.

Due to it's large eyes and grayish skin tone, the alien has been informally identified as what is known as a Grey Alien. Greys are the alleged species of alien responsible for many extraterrestrial sightings and supposed abductions.

What do you think? Is this a real grey alien caught on a CCTV camera looking through a door?

iPhone Seen in Ancient Painting - TIME TRAVEL?

The iPhone was spotted by Apple CEO Tim Cook and has led many to speculate that time travel may exist. Cook's remarks about the iOS device in the ancient painting may have been made jokingly, but conspiracy theorists are quick to let this off as being proof of time travel.

Some people wonder if Cook's statement about time travel show that he has advanced knowledge of such time travel.

The official explanation as to what the man on the right side of the painting is holding is that it is a letter. Some have also said that the object the man is holding could be a brush.

What do you think? Does this 350 year old painting offer proof of time travel?

Mysterious Amphibian Creature Found

Images of this strange mysterious amphibian creature circulated online in 2004. A professor identified the creature as an ancient amphibian known as a Diplocaulus.

The Diplocaulus has been officially identified as extinct for about 270 million years. Such a discovery of their existence today would be groundbreaking, especially in biology.

Some have claimed that the image is fake and was made by a Japanese model maker who created it for a magazine contest, while others attest that it is real.

What do you think? Is this a real Diplocaulus found living?

Grey Alien Spotted in Cornfield

The photograph above shows a supposed grey alien that was spotted and caught on camera in a cornfield. The actual location which the photo was taken remains a mystery, however we do know that it was taken in the rural United States. The "rural U.S." is pretty vague and could be a lot of places.

The alien in this photo is circled in red and is seen hiding behind the corn. After seeing this photograph you will probably wonder why an intelligent lifeform such as this alien has developed technology to travel hundreds of light years and upon arriving to Earth, is degraded to hiding in a cornfield.

The most rational explanation for this photograph is that it just depicts a movie prop such as a mask or is simply the result of photo editing and manipulation. What do you think? Does this picture show a real grey alien spotted and caught on camera in a cornfield?

Grey Alien Encounter Caught on Camera

This image is part of a video that has been uploaded to the YouTube channel "ApexTV" and shows what appears to be an encounter with a grey alien.

The video itself depicts someone holding a camera and going into their basement to find this mysterious creature hiding behind a file cabinet.

The creature fits the common definition of what is known as a grey alien. Grey aliens are the supposed species of aliens visiting Earth that are responsible for many of the alleged alien sightings. They are commonly known as greys due to their grayish skin color. They usually have large eyes and are short, generally about 4 feet tall.

What do you think? Does the image above depict a real grey alien caught on camera?

Alien Creature Spotted in Russia

The above image is a supposed alien that has been caught on camera in Russia. The alien, which is circled in red, can be seen peeking out of a drainage pipe. The creature was said to have been spotted and photographed by a Russian family. The family was walking their dog and snapped the picture of the alien when they heard strange sounds and saw movement inside the pipe.

The validity of the said photo is questionable. A sensible explanation could point to the alien head really just being an alien mask or even the result of digital photo editing.

Another point to consider is that the alien presumably traveled thousands of light years to get to Earth and simply hide in a drainage pipe. This does not seem rational. Maybe the creature spotted in the photo is really a different type of mysterious creature that has evolved here on Earth.

What do you think? Is this a real alien that has been spotted in Russia?

Giant Alien Crab Seen on Mars

Is this really a giant alien crab creature spotted on Mars? That's what some conspiracy theorists are claiming. The alien crab itself was found by an unknown person who presumably found it while searching through photographs taken by the Mars Rover.

The people who believe that this could be evident of alien life are making two claims. The first is that the object could possibly be what it looks like, a giant alien crab. The second claim is that the picture depicts a fossilized giant alien plant on Mars.

Again, the picture most likely only depicts a rock formation that just looks like a giant extraterrestrial crab from a certain angle. Our brains are just recognizing a pattern and applying such a pattern to something in which no pattern actually exists.

What do you think? Does this photograph depict a giant alien crab on Mars?

Mysterious Creature Caught by NASA on Mars

Some claim the above photo offer conclusive proof of extraterrestrial life existing on Mars. Some go as far as to say such life on Mars is intelligent but is attempting to hide from humanity. Others contest that life (possibly intelligent) once existed on Mars and all that remains are their carcasses.

Admittingly, the figure seen in the photograph above does bear resemblance to a human. This is not however conclusive proof to say that we are 100% sure alien life exists in Mars. It is most likely just a piece of rock that may look life a humanoid alien from a certain angle.

The explanation for us seeing a human in the pictrue can explained by something known as pareidolia. Pareidolia is a common phenomenon in which the human mind sees something and perceives a similar pattern, such as something that mind has seen in the past, where no correlation actually exists.

So when you think you see humanoid alien sitting on a rock on Mars, you probably actually just see a rock that looks like a humanoid alien from a certain angle.

Giant Snake Spotted in Amazon River

The photo above seems to depict a giant snake swimming in the Amazon river. The snake, circled in red, appears to easily reach a length of over 100 feet.

If we examine the validity of this photograph we will most likely find that it is the result of editing with a program such as Photoshop. Aside from those issues, it is highly unlikely that such a gigantic snake could even exist. How would such a huge snake go unnoticed by humans for thousands of years?

It's probably also safe to presume that such a giant snake would not live forever. This brings the problem of other snakes into the equation. If multiple other huge snakes have breeded successfully for thousands of years, why have we not found any giant snake skeletons?

Nonetheless, this photo is interesting, but not worthy of any valid investigation. What do you think?

Alien Caught on Camera in Florida Home

The photograph seen above is one that was supposedly caught by a CCTV security camera in a Florida home. The owners of the security camera have yet to disclose their location, and in turn, all the evidence we have is the picture.

The fact that only one picture was taken by the camera raises some questions. First, why would a security camera just take photographs in the first place? Why was it not set to take video? It can be said that the camera was set to take a photograph when it sensed movement, but why not record the video?

The photo could easily be the result of photo editing or even a person in a costume, but this doesn't take away from the fact that it's creepy! Real or fake, I would be struck in terror if I happened to witness such a creature standing in my house or looking around the corner of a hallway like it seems the alien is doing here.

So is this a real alien caught on camera in a Florida resident's home? What do you think?

Top 5 HAUNTED DOLLS Caught on Tape

This video takes a look at the top 5 haunted dolls caught on tape. From CCTV security camera footage of dolls moving by themselves to creepy videos of supposedly haunted dolls appearing to jump eerily out of their cribs, there is no doubt that these videos are creepy. The validity of such clips is another question, one that requires further evidence to be held as true. Some video footage alone is not enough to convince the majority of people that dolls are really moving by themselves. What do you think?

Is This a Real Dragon Caught on Camera?

The dragon seen in this video is the one claimed to have been caught by Japanese fisherman. The dragon, according the the fishermen, was found tangled in their fishing nets. Does this video prove that dragons exist? What do you think?

5 Times Teleportation Was Caught on Tape

Today we look at 5 teleportations caught on tape. From a video of a man walking through a wall to a supposed time traveler caught on tape, there are some strange instances in which alleged teleportations / teleporters have been caught on tape. Do any of these videos show a real teleportation caught on camera? What do you think?

CCTV Camera Captures Alien

This video appears to show an alien creature caught on a CCTV security camera. The person who sent us this clip claims it was taken by a CCTV camera in the rural United States and that similar sightings have been becoming increasingly common in the area. What do you think? Does this video show a real alien caught on a security camera? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Man Finds Alien Creature in Backyard

In a backyard in Arizona, a man supposedly found this mysterious alien-like creature sitting dead in his garden.

The body of the strange alien creature was sent to Todd Ray, who owns a freaks how in Florida. He was initially contacted by the man who found the creature and told that he was going to be sent something. Mr. Ray only expected to be sent photos of the alien, but instead he was sent the alien body itself!

Todd says the creature looks stranger than he could have ever imagined and that it truly looks like an alien.

He says, "it's  a mystery to every person who sees it" and "it is the most alien creature I have seen in my life"

Is thus really an alien body found in a man's backyard? What do you think?

Former Astronaut Was Once Into UFOs

Tome Jones is a veteran astronaut at NASA and claims to have been into UFOS before becoming an astronaut. He has stated that he once wondered about the UFO phenomenon.

As a teenager, Tom was a big UFO fan. He thought that the study of UFOS was the next big exploration Frontier. Later on however, he dropped this opinion about UFOS after not seeing any evidence for their existence.

In the 1990's, Mr. Jones was asked about supposed UFO spaceships caught on tape in footage released by NASA. The footage was of the Space Shuttle Tom was aboard. People watching the footage back on Earth claimed to have seen strange objects flying in the background of the video. Tom said that the objects were nothing more than ice crystals and from his point of view aboard the shuttle this was clear.

Tom also says that he has not seem any compelling evidence to suggest extraterrestrial life has every visited earth.

Dinosaur Caught on Camera - Is it Real?

Does the photo above provide evidence that dinosaurs still exist today? The photo appears to show a large dinosaur such as a T-Rex running on a man made road. 

A number of things can be pointed out about this image. Firstly, why would a presumably modern photograph be taken in black and white? The argument can be made that the photo was taken by a CCTV security camera, but in that case where is the footage taken by the cam?

The photo most likely depicts nothing more than a heavily edited image, the dinosaur being later digitally added with a program such as Photos hop. 

What do you think? Does this picture show a real dinosaur running across a street?

Man Kills Alien and Captures it on Video

Today we look at supposed footage of an alien creature killed by a man in the woods. This footage was caught on tape by a man who goes by Dr. Reed and claims to be evidence of an alien creature that he killed. He claims to have been walking in the woods with his dog when the alien creature attacked both him and his dog. Reed then attacked the alien and ended up killing it by hitting it in the back of the head. He then pulled out his camera and got footage of the extraterrestrial being. Dr. Reed took the body of the alien that he had killed home and took more video of it. He claims that the men in black stole the alien creature's body from his home and now only has the video evidence. What do you think? Does this footage offer proof that aliens are visiting Earth?

1,284 Exoplanets Discovered by NASA

The Kepler Space Telescope recently found a further 1,284 new exoplanets. This new discovery has more than doubled the total number of known exoplanets to over 3,200. More exoplanets have been discovered in 2016 than any other year. Many of these new planets are thought to be possible candidates for harboring life. There are over 550 new rocky planets that are terrestrial and nine that are potentially habitable. This is an exciting time in the discovery of new planets. Maybe soon we will be hearing headlines about the first extraterrestrial life discovered!  

SpaceX Aims For Mars Mission in 2018

Elon Musk’s company SpaceX has recently revealed plans for reaching the red planet by the year 2018. After numerous successes including the landing of their reusable rocket, SpaceX is now setting its sights on Mars.

The ambitious plan itself has intrigued NASA to pledge to help out in terms of expertise.

SpaceX was founded by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk 14 years ago with the ultimate goal in mind to send humans to Mars. This dream may soon be becoming one step closer to a reality.

If the 2018 unmanned mission goes as planned, there are even scheduled attempts of a manned mission to Mars by SpaceX in 2025.

Some people including notable space historians are pointing out that an attempted 2018 mission to Mars may be asking for failure. The point out that SpaceX has yet to successfully launch it's Falcon Rocket.

 We will just have to wait and see!

Grey Alien Sighting Caught on Camera

The alien photographed above appears to show an alien being crouching behind a pile of logs. The photo itself was taken by a man who was taking a picture of cat.

It may be a bit difficult to see in this photograph, however if you look closely at the top left-hand side you can see the humanoid alien figuring peering from the pile of wood.

Some have claimed that the alien photo shows nothing more than a person wearing a mask, while others maintain that the picture is more evidence of aliens visiting Earth.

The alien resembles what are known as grey aliens, Grey aliens are the supposed species of aliens responsible for many sightings. Greys are small humanoid creatures with large heads and eyes who get their name from their gray skin color. Many people have claimed to have experiences with such beings and some go as far as to say that they have been abducted by grey aliens.

What do you think? Does this photograph provide more evidence that grey aliens are visiting Earth?

Does The Loch Ness Monster Exist?

The photo above is among the hundreds of thousands taken of the supposed loch ness monster. The loch ness monster, also known as "Nessie" is a supposed creature that inhabits Loch Ness in Scotland.

The creature resembles that of what are known as plesiosaurs. Mainstream science agrees that plesiosaurs became extinct millions of years ago, however believers point to photographic and video evidence of the alleged being as being proof.

It must be said that people are intrinsically fascinated by the unknown and the possibility that creatures such as the loch ness monster actually exist. The want to believe, however, does not make something true. Scientists will be quick to point out that a large aquatic reptile such as a plesiosaur would have a difficult time attempting to survive the freezing cold waters of the Scottish lake. Also, unless the Loch Ness monster is a fish, it would need to surface regularly to breath, just as alligartors do.

Not only would a single giant reptile be easy to spot eventually, but more than one Nessie is needed to have survived all this time. The Loch Ness monster could not have been just a single creature that survived for thousands of years. And if there are several Nessies swimming around in the Loch Ness, why is it so hard to spot just a single one of these creatures?

Animals also die, so the question as to why not a single carcass of such an animal hasn't yet been found needs to be asked.

Admittingly, every now and then new species of large aquatic creatures are found. The megamouth shark was thought to have been extinct for millions of years and was found to still be living just 40 years ago. The problem is, however, that these animals lived in the ocean which is a very unexplored part of our planet.

So does the Loch Ness Monster exist? The odds are against the existence of a plesiosaur existing in the Loch Ness, but anything's possible!

Dead Alien Caught on Camera?

Does the photo above offer conclusive proof that aliens are visiting Earth? The photo itself is part of a video in which soldiers are seen transporting a supposed alien being. The mysterious humanoid was supposedly found dead by the military personnel in the middle of the forest.

The authenticity of the photo has been disputed by many people. This is partly due to the fact that the location in which the photo way taken remains a mystery.

Are aliens already on Earth? Has the alien invasion already begun? Please be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Man Walks Through Wall Caught on CCTV Camera: Time Travel?

The video below shows a man supposedly walking through a wall. The video itself was taken in an unknown location and claims to be possible proof of time travel.

There have been many theories as to what the video actually shows. Some claim that it shows a person travelling through time due to the fact that the date stamp flickers between the years 2016 and 2019 as the person is seen walking through the wall, while others maintain that the video shows nothing more than tricky editing. Is this some sort of real bizarre paranormal occurrence? What do you think?

Maryland Goatman Caught on Camera

The picture above claims to be evidence of the existence of the Maryland Goatman. It shows a supposed sighting in which the goatman was caught on camera by a tourist.

According to the legend, the Goatman is a cryptid creature native to the state of Maryland. It is a half-man creature that roams the Maryland wilderness. Sightings of the supposed Goatman date back to 1957, when the first sighting took place. The Goatman is said to have murdered a number of hikers in 1962.

This is an incredibly rare photograph as it is arguably the first time this creature has been caught on camera.

Does this photo really show the Maryland Goatman? What do you think?

Google Is Working on an Augmented Reality Nano Lens

Google recently got a patent approved of an artificial augmented reality nano lens that would be implanted directly into the human eye.

In the patent that Google submitted, they describe a lens that would replace that of the natural eye. It will assist with the focusing of light on the user's retina, which is the part of the eye that converts light into neural signals.

The lens will include a tiny little processor, communication device, and a battery. The battery may even be charged by converting solar and thermic energy. It will be interesting to see how this plays out!

Dinosaur Caught on Camera: Are Dinosaurs Still Alive?

The photo above claims to be evidence of dinosaurs still being alive today. It shows what appears to be a dinosaur such as a T-Rex standing on a man made street. The photo itself was sent to us by a man who claimed that the picture of the dinosaur was taken by a CCTV security camera that automatically takes a picture when it senses movement.

This sighting is especially intriguing due to the fact that it was reported to have taken place in a northern United States small town in which people have claimed to have had other sightings with mysterious creatures.

Is this picture of a dinosaur walking on a road genuine? Are dinosaurs still alive today? Please be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Ancient Aliens Helped Build Pyramids in Antarctica

The popular TV show Ancient Aliens is scheduled to release a premiere episode for their new season. The episode is said to be about the ice-covered snowy pyramids in Antarctica. Are there really pyramids in this icy world?

Rumors about pyramids in Antarctica have been around for several years, so maybe this new episode of Ancient Aliens will shine some light on the subject. We already know that Ancient Aliens has inferred that the pyramids of Giza could not have been constructed by humans alone and that there is a possibility that ancient aliens visiting Earth assisted us with the task, but pyramids in Antarctica?

Some theorize that the images the show will use are likely going to be of natural phenomena such as "glacial horns" in European mountain ranges.

The current scientific consensus is that Antarctica does not hold pyramids built by lost civilizations with the assist of aliens.

What do you think? Did ancient aliens assist in the building of pyramids in Antarctica? Please let us know in the comments!